4 Great iPad Apps for Kids

Chris Crowell from Children\’s Technology Review ( CTR ) has just featured in Mashable a great list of top 5 apps for kids for this week. I love Chris work and all the reviews he does. Being a veteran kindergarten teacher and and editor to CTR, Chris knows exactly the kind of apps kids need and just like his previous lists, this one has apps you probably have never heard of. Check out the list below to learn more. I did not include the fifth app because it was in Spanish.

1- I Spy with Lola


\” I Spy With Lola is a multi-leveled game that will provide an educational challenge for kids of all ages! Start the game in the easy level where young children can practice object identification and word association. As they advance,challenge them to find objects associated to letters helping to unlock new locations. Older players can also test their skills in the hard level by solving creative riddles to find the hidden items!…\”

2- Be There Ypsemite

\"\"\” Take an amazing mobile virtual reality tour of famous Yosemite Valley using your iPhone or iPad as a magical, moveable window through this spectacular natural wonder. Tilt your iPad up to gaze at majestic El Capitan and then physically turn your body around to view the rainbows in the mist of Bridalveil Fall. It\’s like you\’re actually there, standing in Yosemite Valley. ..\”

3- Bugs and Numbers


\” Bugs and Numbers provides an extensive collection of unique games dedicated to learning and practicing a wide range of math skills in a non-traditional way. O

rganized into three basic stages, the app grows with your child through 18 games ranging from basic counting to early fractions. Designed around a bug city, each game is crafted for a basic set of math skills with an eccentric and fun parallel to our own society. ..\”
4- Lee Passo a Passo


\” Help children learn the basics to start reading Spanish. This is NOT just a basic vocabulary Spanish app, with the use of Phonics and a step by step methodology used in many Spanish speaking countries; skills are acquired for reading in Spanish….\”


Source : http://www.educatorstechnology.com/2012/12/4-great-ipad-apps-for-kids.html

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