An update on the Australis tab shape for Firefox


Australis is the new theme we’ve been working on for Firefox. It brings with it more customizability in a cleaner and fresher user interface. One part of this work is a new implementation of our tab shape. Over the last few weeks I worked with Frank Yan on the new tab shape for Australis (specific to Windows now). We feel that we’re pretty close, although we want to see if we can draw the tabs using an approach that will lend itself better to platform integration.

Over the last few days I have handed over my work on the Australis tab shape implementation to Frank Yan. Frank will be leading up this effort now to get the Australis tab shape implemented and landed in mozilla-central.

I am now going to focus my efforts on our SocialAPI project. The first step of this work is to implement a recommend/share command. I have begun work on this now and I plan on posting more updates as they become available. You can follow along at Bugzilla bug #765874.

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