Chinese iPhone 5S Runs Android!

Don\’t be surprised to read this. Anything is possible in the world of technology and especially with \’ethically questionable\’ companies like GooPhone. This is one of the brands that has associated itself with offering products that vaguely resemble popular devices in the market such as Galaxy Note, iPhone and HTC One. After cheekily launching its GooPhone 5 last year, the company has done it again and introduced the GooPhone 5S variant, much before the launch of the official iPhone 5S in the global market. Unlike the GooPhone 5, the GooPhone i5S sports entry level hardware, which explains the reason behind the $99 pricing.

In terms of specs, the i5S looks a lot like an iPhone and sports a 10.1-cm (4-inch) OGS display. Under the hood, the phone is powered by a dual-core Mediatek processor, coupled with 512 MB RAM and a 5 MP rear camera.

The other notable similarity between GooPhone 5 and 5S is the interface being used on both the phones- the standard vanilla Android UI and iOS skins that have been installed by default, enabling users to switch to-and-fro without any issue.

Check out the GooPhone 5S.


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