Firefox Helps You Go Mobile in 2012


For the Chinese, 2012 was the Year of the Dragon. For the United Nations, it’s the Year of the Bat.

We like dragons and bats, of course, but we think it might be the year of the Fox.

Mobile devices are such a big part of our lives here in 2012, and we use the Web on-the-go more than ever. Firefox set out to give you the fastest, safest, most secure mobile Web browser possible. In July, Firefox for Android got a face-lift, and you got a better mobile Web experience.

It was:

  • Fast — giving you speedy start times and page loads
  • User-Friendly — with a new look and feel, a new home page and a new tab experience
  • Feature-rich — you loved the Awesome bar on your computer, so you got it on your Android phone as well, to help you type less and read more on the mobile Web, and Sync, to take your bookmarks, favorites and more from your computer to your device.
  • Safe and secure — You now had privacy features like Do Not Track to keep you safe and in control online.

But that wasn’t enough. Firefox for Android gave you a better experience on your Android tablet. It gave you a beautiful, easy-to-use tab menu to make navigation effortless and let you reopen a closed tab. And the ability to keep your favorite add-ons at your fingertips, easily share content and have quick access to your settings.


If you think things stopped there, you don’t know Firefox! More and more of you told us that you wanted Firefox for Android, but it didn’t work on your device. The problem was that certain older devices weren’t compatible. With the latest release, Firefox for Android functionality is now available to an even bigger group of devices!

Check to see if your device is supported and then download Firefox for Android to start using it today!

Firefox for Android isn’t done giving you great new features – no indeed. Stay tuned in 2013 for more ways your mobile Web will get better!

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