Hack Google Chrome OS To Win Prizes Over $3 Million


Google has thrown an open challenge to any security researcher through its third Pwnium competition. Google is ready to give away prizes over $ 3.14159 million to anyone who can showcase a browser or system level breach in Google Chrome operating system. Google takes security seriously and always takes all possible measures to patch all kinds of loopholes at the initial stages itself. “Security is one of the core tenets of Chrome, but no software is perfect, and security bugs slip through even the best development and review processes. That’s why we’ve continued to engage with the security research community to help us find and fix vulnerabilities. We’ll issue Pwnium 3 rewards for Chrome OS at the following levels, up to a total of $3.14159 million USD,” according to The Chromium Blog. The competition will take place on-site at the CanSecWest conference on 7 March 2013.

Google doesn\’t care about the prize money, its the security holes that gives Google nightmares. So, if you think you can find out the bugs in Chrome, then head on to win prizes in the following levels:

$110,000: browser or system level compromise in guest mode or as a logged-in user, delivered via a web page.

$150,000: compromise with device persistence, guest to guest with interim reboot, delivered via a web page.

The prize money looks attractive. So, Google is basically looking forward to buy valuable information from you through this competition that will help Google better its Chrome OS. The rules of Pwnium, as said in the posting, “Standard Pwnium rules apply: the deliverable is the full exploit plus accompanying explanation and breakdown of individual bugs used. Exploits should be served from a password-authenticated and HTTPS-supported Google property, such as Google App Engine. The bugs used must not be known to us or fixed on trunk.”

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