IPad 3

The New IPad or Ipad 3


There has recently been some discussion about the launch of the iPad 3, but it is not that long since the first iPads were launched, and there was some scepticism about their potential usefulness.  Wasn’t the iPad just a less convenient version of the iPhone – or a laptop without the advantage of a keyboard?

But ever since I got an iPad myself I have been impressed.  It’s portable, it’s versatile, and the screen is just large enough to handle written or illustrated material in a way that is comfortable to read.  It’s very user-friendly.   The more we have them around, the more uses we realise they have.

I have still never read a newspaper on one, although I should do, because newspapers have always bothered me.  They are large and cumbersome, can be ungainly in the breeze, and are not much use on trains and buses.   So one in tablet form would be very handy. 

In apps of course, we have a new art form – a very interesting one that combines several dimensions (sound, text, and animation) with great flexibility.  I think we have only just begun to realise the possible uses of this new technology.  As it spreads more widely through society it will surely become increasingly important.

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