The 7 Most Important Things A Father Could Teach A Son


A real man knows how to empathize but stay true to his values at the same time.

Whether or not you have kids, you should take a minute and identify some of the core values of fatherhood. Because when you do become a dad, you\’ll have to pass down those values to your children.

Look People In The Eye

\”I tell my three boys that if you want to be taken seriously in a room full of adults, always look people in the eye when you speak to them and always shake their hand in a firm, positive manner.\”

Be A Loving Husband

\”Let your son witness you hugging your wife daily and let him hear you telling your wife you love her. Young boys use these experiences as examples for how to model their own relationships for the rest of their lives.\”
-Aaron J. Zach

Be compassionate but not a pushover

\”One of the most important things a man should teach his son is how to be compassionate but not a pushover. A real man knows how to empathize but stay true to his values at the same time.\”
-Peter Low

Be Open-Minded

\”Open-mindedness. Perhaps one of the most important principles we can teach our kids is how to think for themselves so they can develop into individuals, not mini versions of their dads, as cool as that sounds.\”
-Daniel Pawlak

Don\’t Expect The Worst In People

\”A man should teach his son to treat others with kindness and respect. Every person deserves a clean slate and a kind reception when you meet them for the first time. Whether they then damage that perception is up to them.\”

Expect to work hard

\”A man should teach his son discipline and hard work so that he can carry through and be ready for life when he grows into the outer world. These things are to be taught by way of leading by example, focusing on first things first and helping him recognize how important it is to help others.\”

Take Nothing For Granted

\”A man should teach his son to question everything and take nothing for granted. The son should also learn to respect women and how to clean up after himself. He should teach his son to be responsible and not to take any crap from anybody.\”


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