The Best 21 Educational Wikis of 2012


First, let me wish my  readers   who celebrate Christmas  a merry and happy Christmas  We hope you are enjoying time with your families and loved ones. I would also like to express my deep feelings of gratitude and thankfulness for all those emails I got after I posted The Best 33 Educational Technology Blogs. I do feel blessed to be part of this awesome community of teachers and educators and I hope Educational Technology and Mobile Learning will always live up to your expectations and be the platform where we could all learn from each other.

As I said before, Edu Blog Awards is an event that is not only about giving prizes to winners but is also a great place where educators and teachers get to know new and interesting blogs in the field of education and educational technology. Reading about what other educators write  and learning from their own teaching experiences  and how they use  technology ( or any other methodology ) to improve their teaching practices is, I believe, part and parcel of what notions of life-long learning and professional development is all about. I dont think there is any other platform where you can have access to such a wealth of resources and links as is the case with Edu Blog Awards Page. That being said, Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has started featuring lists of the best resources nominated for this years awards. Today we are sharing with you the best educational Wikis of this year. Check them out below:



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