“What a Year in Linux” Video Celebrates Success

A new video celebrating the achievements of Linux during 2012 has been published online by the Linux Foundation.

At 2:38 minutes long the video offers whirlwind highlights of a number of milestones reached by the open-source Unix-like operating system during the last 12 months.

Amongst the items highlighted is the unstoppable march of Android, the launch of affordable Linux-powered Chromebooks from Google, and the success of the Linux Foundation itself in attracting more big-name members.

Perhaps the only critical thing there is to say about the otherwise buoyant celebration,concerns the decision to frame it within a Firefox browser window running on, for all purposes appears to be, OS X!

Since it’s the season of goodwill and all, we’ll pretend it’s a very convincing GTK theme design to show the versatility of Linux as a platform 😉

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