Windows 8 is easy: Ask this 3-year-old


I read these tech pundits and journalists discussing how hard it\’s gonna be for the general public to learn the new UI of Windows 8. Nonsense. This video (sorry for the poor video quality – I have no proper video equipment whatsoever) is my response to such pessimism.

For the record, I do whatever I can to keep my boy *off* the computer. We watch some sesame st videos at night and play a game or two during the day. And over the past month that we\’ve had Windows 8 on this computer this is how well he uses it. I could easily teach him some of the even more in depth operations of the system if I didn\’t think it more important that he interact with the real world.

The long and short of it is: If my 3 years old son can learn Windows 8 through very moderate usage, anybody with half a brain can do so too.

edit: I\’m surprised by the amount of views. If I\’d anticipated that I\’d have definitely showed the boy moving the mouse. He\’s great at it. Maybe my followup video will show his awesome mouse skills along with how he plays a crappy game of fruit ninja on the wacom tablet.



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