10 Reasons Why You\’ll Find JavaScript As The Best Language For Web Development

JavaScript is a great language for improving marketing platforms. Well not for any particular avenue, but JavaScript is actually the best language for overall use on the web. And there are several reasons behind that. Since its birth in 1995, JavaScript has gone a long way and since last five years it has grabbed a lot of attention. Developers love to use JavaScript. Here are the best 10 reasons why you need to learn JavaScript for your web development aspirations:


1. Reason 1 – Flexibility:

JavaScript has often annoyed developers because of its browser incompatibility issues but now things have changed. It is one of the best flexible languages which is used across all the common browsers. JavaScript is not at all a compiled language but you simply don\’t need to bother about loading and unloading content, compiling or setting data types.

Reason 2 – The best language for hangouts:

As Node.js can be used in the back of any hangout application like Skype, the video signal easily gets transported over the air to one or more clients. Two-way communication has become with extended use of JavaScript. Communication channels are mostly using this language as peer-to-peer communication couldn\’t get any better.

Reason 3 – HTML scripting:

If you want to create a dynamic functional webpage then you have to write the code in JavaScript. Everything ranging from pop-up window to client-side form validation and calculation, the basic requirement in JavaScript. In case you are using IE, JavaScript is the best alternative to VBScript because of its incompatibility with the browser. In Web development JavaScript is ubiquitious now which means that its basic syntax is the most common thing among developers. If the learning process goes on, then the advanced features are not very tough to grasp.

Reason 4 – Easy to Edit:

It\’s very easy to start with JavaScript. As it\’s a scripting programming language, so the code doesn\’t require to get compiled and not any compiler or similar software. It\’s a plain text which means you just need a notepad or any plain text editor.

Reason 5 – : Easy Browsing

Browsers have been easier to manage with JavaScript, especially after the release of Kinect SDK by Microsoft. The complete working kinect.jslibrary enables use of Microsoft\’s Kinect in your browser. But there is a drawback too as it\’s mandatory that a WebSocket server program is running at the back side. Solutions are being worked upon for this problem too by discovering a browser plug-in which enables Kinect sue for browsers like Chrome and Safari. This solution is known as DepthJS, which is at an early development stage.

Reason 6 – Mozilla Rhino:

If you find scripting with Java as difficult, then here comes Mozilla Rhino for you which uses JavaScript. The direct Java model is being abandoned by most developers now and JavaScript or Rhino has emerged as the favourite option for scripting and interfacing with Java libraries.

Reason 7 – Best Language for Prototyping:

As JavaScript is a prototyping language every object is considered as a class. Objects mean which are developed through particular use. JavaScript leads to rapid and flexible development as there are several design patterns which are not so easy to use in other structured languages. As JavaScript allows creating prototypes, it the best option for extension of existing classes.

Reason 8 – Controlling 3D Games:

If you play a non-Flash browser game then JavaScript is a good option for you. JavaScript\’s graphic capabilities are amazing and in case of action games the language plays a major role. In case of action games, if you\’re using JavaScript, then you can plug your Xbox controller into your PC and you can also use the Gamepad API. If you have a gamepad then just plug it in and enjoy your games. JavaScript allows programming through input controls.

Reason 9 – Editing XML via DOM:

DOM can be implemented in a robust way through JavaScript and as time has proved, it\’s quite a worthy candidate for operating all kinds of XML vocabularies.

Reason 10 – Easy to Debug:

JavaScript has several tools like FireBug and Web Developer Toolbar which makes it easy to debug the language. If any mistake is done, it can be tracked easily and at the same place where it occurred in the browser console. Breakpoints can be positioned in the page code so that the code can be debugged through conventional methods.

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