10 Programming Languages That You Must Know

Job segment for programmers is growing with every passing day. According to a survey done by US Bureau of Labour Statistics, the sector has grown by 8 per cent in last seven years. The average income of programmer has become $300 per hour. If you are aiming to get a job as a programmer or a software engineer, you need to develop overall knowledge of certain programming languages. Today, we have listed top 10 programming languages that you must know in order to get a better IT job.


1. Java

Java is one of the most popular programming languages. Java is widely used for modern enterprise backend. Java and frameworks are based on Java are widely used for variety of applications. Java is also used for the development of native Android apps for smartphones and tablets.

2. JavaScript

Every modern website uses JavaScript for the front-end development. It is a go-to language which can be manipulated to create interactivity of your site, or build user interface for smartphone apps. You can leverage from number of available JavaScript frameworks for the development.

3. C#

C# is one of the oldest and most fundamental programming language. It is primary language for all products on Microsoft technologies platform. If you are building modern web apps using Azure or .NET apps for Windows devices, C# is the most basic language that you must know.

4. PHP

PHP is widely used for back-end programming of websites and databases. PHP powers majority of today’s data driven websites. It is the foundation of most powerful content management systems like WordPress and Drupal. You can use these PHP based tools to extend your site to make it more powerful. In today’s world, you must know PHP to get job as programmer.

5. C++

C++ is similar to C. It is low level programming language. Knowledge of C++ is very important when it comes to connecting your application directly to hardware to get most out of processing power. C++ is user preferred choice for developing powerful desktop software, hardware accelerated games and memory intensive apps.

6. Python

Python is most robust web programming language. You can use Python for web apps, user interfaces, data analysis and statistics. You can use number of Python frameworks to develop web related products in Python. It is a key tool for data scientists to shift through giant size of data sets for any industry.

7. C

The reason that C is still popular and used is because it is small, fast and powerful. C comes very handy while building software for embedded systems and kernels. The knowledge of C is very important because you can use all resources of C in development of app or software that requires hardware support.

8. SQL

SQL is used as backend database for website, web apps and other database related software products. SQL gives ability to find exact information you want in fast and reliable way. You can easily query and extract meaning information from large and complex database using SQL.

9. Ruby

Ruby and Ruby on Rails are two amazing frameworks to develop web app in efficient way. You can use Ruby language to develop prototype of idea for web app in fastest way. Ruby is used in development of tons of popular web apps around the world. The language has straight forward approach and it is very easy to learn.

10. R

R is the fundamental language of Big Data. With the increasing size of Big Data, R is most essential language for data analysts. R is the most important language that you must learn for statistical analysis of nearly every field of interest.

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