16 New iPad Tips 2012

In case you get an iPad  for this Christmas and are looking for ways to explore how it works and how to get the maximum from it , Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has some  quick, simple and easy guides for you. Some of you might be getting the min iPad which I consider as a better alternative to Kindle Fire and  other eReaders you get for almost the same price ( $120  difference ). Just keep in mind that if you already know how to find your way around the different features and gadgets in iPad then you don\’t have to worry about your new mini iPad, they have the same platform and use the same technology.

What I have for you today is a great video tutorial that is only 5 minutes long. In this tutorial JREShow will take you on a guided tour into the world of iPad. You will get to learn with him how to effectively use the iPad starting with the basics and ending up with multitasking.He basically provides 16 iPad tips which ,I believe, we should  all know about. Check out these tips in the video below and share with us what you think about them.

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