20 Amusing Facts About Technology!

In today’s era, almost all major aspects of our lives revolve around the Internet connectivity. Even ten minutes of server-down could result into huge losses for major IT or multinational companies across the globe.

There is always something new that we come across almost every second day in technology and no matter what we cannot get bored of it any day!

Here we have bought few amusing tech facts which might not have even crossed your mind until now! Read on:

* Google answers an estimated 1 billion search queries almost every day and releases 200 tons of CO2 per day.

* The average 21 year old had spent 5,000 hours of his life while playing video games and almost 10,000 hours over a mobile phone alone and have sent 250,000 emails and instant messages.

* Ninety-one per cent of all adults keep their cellphones within their arms’ reach during every hour of the day.

* Out of 6.8 billion people on this planet, over 4 billion use their cell phones whereas only 3.5 people use a toothbrush.

* Twenty-five percent of Americans access Internet via their mobile devices only.

* Over one million domain names are registered online every month.

* Within United States alone, there are 271 million mobile subscribers and the count is further continuously growing.

* Two hundred and twenty million tons of old computers and other devices are trashed in US every year.

* Ninety per cent of text messages are read within just three minutes of being delivered.

* Over thirty million smartphone users watch television programmes from their cell phones.

* An average of $ 680 worth of transactions takes place on eBay every second.

* Most of the computer users blink their eyes 7 times per minute at max as againt the normal blink rate of 20 blinks per minute.

* Bill Gates home was designed using Macintosh computers.

* The fingers of a typist on a regular working day travel at an average rate of around 12,6 miles per day.

* Over 100 hours of video are uploaded on YouTube every minute

* Within last few years, one out of eight couples have met their spouse on the Internet.

* Out 60 billion emails that sent almost daily, 97 per cent of mails are considered as spam.

* 500 apps are added each day to the Windows Phone Store.

* Facebook will pay up to $500 to anyone who’ll be able to find a way to hack into its system.

* Apple, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, and Google started their development process in garage.



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