Top 10 Innovative Projects By Mozilla In Open Web Space

Open web technologies got revamped as Mozilla brought in Firefox on the board. But today the scene has changed for Firefox as it\’s fading from the business now. But Mozilla\’s innovations have not faded away. They are constantly exploring options to retain their presence in the open web market. Here are 10 most significant Mozilla projects which are developing the position of Mozilla in the open web space.


1. Rust:

Rust is a programming language by Mozilla to develop efficient systems. It combines a powerful and flexible programming platform. It\’s co-sponsored by Samsung.

2. Servo:

Servo is an experimental project by Mozilla which is able to build a Web browser engine for mobile devices, multi-core processors and GPUs. Servo depends on Rust to provide a secure platform.

3. Firefox OS:

Firefox OS is a unique operating system for the open Web and all its apps are implemented as pure HTML 5 and JavaScript. Firefox OS targets emerging markets mainly.

4. WebIDE:

WebIDE offers building, testing and editing Web apps and some starter templates too. With WebIDE, web app development has been redefined by Mozilla, and a bit streamlined too.

5. Shumway:

Shumway project is a PDF renderer, written in HTML and JavaScript. It demonstrates the power of HTML5 platform and it runs Flash-format files in a browser without any plug-in.

6. PDF.js:

The PDF plug-in is an Adobe product which is found in Web browsers, and it aims to replace all JavaScript items.

7. Asm.js:

Asm.js is an ambitious project which shows Mozilla\’s belief in JavaScript as a “universal runtime engine”.

8. TogetherJS:

TogetherJS is an open source library to construct web apps and collaborating them together. A hub server is required by the library which spreads messages to all the participants using Web Sockets.

9. BigBlueButton:

BigBlueButton is \”an open source Web conferencing system for online learning”. It\’s an open source replacement for discussion and meeting systems.

10. Parallel JavaScript:

To unlock the potential of modern hardware for JavaScript programmers, it\’s a Mozilla initiative, in collaboration with Intel Research.

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