A New Challenge Thrown To Google By CyanogenMod CEO Kirt McMaster!

Google has been slammed over their control over Android by CyanogenMod\’s CEO Kirt McMaster. The CEO has indicated that the company wants to shift from the Google-focused version of Android and in order to do that they want to launch their own app store.

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As per Android Authority, at an event in San Francisco, McMaster had declared that they will try to take Android away from Google. His company will work on making a more open version of Android, which is not possible by Google, at least for now. Android Authority has also quoted him saying that they are making a more open version of Android so that they can collaborate with more partners for better services. Hence from now onwards, startups working on artificial intelligence don\’t need to depend on Google or Apple to launch their applications.

Now they will also have an option of non-Google Android. He also added that Cyanogen currently depends on Google but it might not be the same from the next day, as he said, in next three to five years, they will no more depend on Google. McMaster has also proposed that Cyanogen will have their own app store in 18 months. Cyanogen is also stuck in disputes between OnePlus and Micromax as the OS is being used by both the companies. McMaster has also confirmed that OnePlus would also receive Android Lollipop update this month.

In India the OS is available with the Micromax Yu Yureka device and OnePlus device. So we can wait for the next phase of Android now, which will be a truly open source platform the world has been waiting for. It\’ll be really interesting to see what Cyanogen will come up with in next few years and what will be the future of Android. We also have to watch out how Google tackles this challenge in the coming days.

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