Algerian Hacker hijack Romanian Google and Yahoo Domain

Algerian Hacker today hijack DNS Yahoo, Microsoft or Google and Paypal redirect users to a deface page. Credit being taken by Hacker going by name MCA-CRB, a serial website defacer.
MCA-CRB is a prolific online graffiti artist who has defaced at least 5,000 sites, according to records kept by Zone-H. After Hijacking both domains resolve to an IP address located in the Netherlands,” at (
When we heard about this incident, we were pretty skeptical about the attack. A site such as Google’s can be theoretically hacked, but it is very unlikely. Then we noticed that both domains were directed to an IP address in the Netherlands […], so it seemed more like a DNS poisoning attack,” said Stefan Tanase from Kaspersky Lab Romania.

\”All we know is that Google\’s public DNS servers ( and were resolving requests for and other major .RO websites to the IP address hosting the defacement page,\” Tanase said.

Google Romania also explained it was a domain issue and the company is currently investigating the issue with the organization responsible for managing domain names in Romania, Romania Top Level Domain.
Source : THN
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