Best Educational Tech Blogs 2012

EduBlog Awards were announced a few days ago and unfortunately Educational Technology and Mobile Learning did not win but was among the finalists. I must admit that I did not even know my blog was among the finalists till today or else I would have been promoting my nomination just like what the other finalists and winners did.This month has been the busiest month in my entire life, everything just got piled up on me , my Master exams, work, working on my blog template, preparing ebooks to publish here later on  and the list goes on.

One of the things I like about this Edublog Award nominations is that they feature great blogs you might not even have heard of before . This is a good opportunity for you  get to know new blogs and follow or subscribe to them. At least in Ed Tech category, I personally know every single blog listed there and I always subscribe to the new ones added to  that list. In this regard , I am sharing with you the list of 33 finalists for The Best Blog on Educational Technology 2012. Check them out below.



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