Firefox OS Simulator 1.0 is here


Three weeks back, we introduced the Firefox OS Simulator, a tool that allows web developers to try out their apps in Firefox OS from the comfort of their current Windows/Mac/Linux computers. We’ve seen a number of comments from people who used the Simulator as an easy way to get a peek at Firefox OS today, which is fine, too.

Since that last blog post, the team has been squashing bugs to get the Simulator ready for more use. Linux users in particular will be happy to know that the current release will run on many more systems. With today’s 1.0 release, we hope to see many more users!


We’re leaving the “Preview” tag on the Simulator for now, both because the Simulator is new and because Firefox OS itself is still in development. This is a perfect time to create apps that work on Firefox OS (and Android and the web at large!) because your apps can be ready for the big launch.

Install the Firefox OS Simulator from today!

Screencast showing Firefox OS Simulator in action

(If you’ve opted in to HTML5 video on YouTube you will get that, otherwise it will fallback to Flash)

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