iPhone 6 Can Bring Forth A Filmmaker In You!

The new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus from Apple have created a lot of flutter across the world. Their motion processors, faster CPUs and larger screens are the main reasons behind all the hoopla. But one of the greatest features of these smartphones is their camera. High-quality camera filmmakers would love to keep these devices in their pockets.

Earlier, iPhones have been used to make short films several times. There have been several iPhone film festivals too but now with iPhone 6 coming up, expectations are higher as Phil Schiller said “technology used by high-end DSLRs”. The iPhone 6 camera can grab 1080p high-definition clips at 60 frames per second, take 240-fps slow-motion shots, provide cinematic video stabilization and offer up to 128 gigabytes of storage. So film-making technology will surely benefit from this device.

According to WIRED, director Ricky Fosheim says, “The iPhone has been here for a while, but in 2015 I think there’s going to be dozens, hundreds, of movies shot on the iPhone 6. I hope, at least, people find it a useful tool.” iPhone 6 can click cleaner images than its predecessors and as the director says about the newest iPhone, “It’s adding video stabilisation, it’s increasing resolution, it’s making it less grain-y, and hopefully with the new sensor it’s increasing the dynamic range. But you don’t need to go through elaborate training to use this thing, it’s literally just that you can take it out of your pocket and start filming and you can come up with something amazing.”

So how can you shoot a film with iPhone 6? It\’s pretty easy. Get add-on lenses, like the Olloclip 4-in-1 and high-quality audio can be captured with an add-on mike. Film-making apps like FiLMiC Pro can also be used, which gives the iPhone better zoom and control over frame rates and stereo recording support. So just get ready to become a pro-filmmaker with iPhone 6 in your pocket soon.

Reposted from http://www.efytimes.com/e1/fullnews.asp?edid=147978

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